Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Criticism at its best

So I left my blog page up on our computer at home last night. My wife, whom I love very much, noticed the page after I went upstairs and decided to read it. Now I don't know if she read the whole thing or just the last post, but here was the conversation we had:

Wife: "I read your blog that you had on the computer."

Me: "Oh, cool."

Wife: "So, where do these blogs go? Where do you do it at?"

Me: "There is a web site called There are thousands and thousands of blogs on it."

Wife: "Oh." Silence follows.

That was it. No "Gosh honey, your blog was so funny and insightful! I can't believe you wrote it!" Or "That was fun to read, you should write more!" Not even an "Oh, I liked it." Nope, instead I got dead silence. Now that is a vote of confidence. My own wife, the love of my life, can't even fake a compliment. Nothing.

Not that I need it [tear], or am fishing for compliments, but come on... at least give me some sort of opinion. Don't we all need validation some time? Especially from the ones we love?

Bad wife, no cookie for you.


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