Friday, January 23, 2009

Self proclamation to follow... know, for a self proclaimed "geek" I can't figure out why I am so late in adapting to new technology. I can remember staying after school in Junior High so I could get time on the new Apple computer our teacher had purchased for the class. We would spend hours playing "Space Eggs" or whatever else we could scrounge up. I took a class in programming. I was on the cutting edge of technology, and then....... I don't know what the hell happened. Was it ADD? Boredom? Did I let sports get in the way (yes, you simpleton, you can be a geek and play sports. Nerds don't play sports)? I made it through 9th grade and suddenly I didn't care anymore. You can insert the proverbial "If I had a time machine..." quote here if you like, but had I stuck with it...

That isn't the only instance though. It seems I have been playing catch-up all my life. I think we were the last house on the planet to have a VCR, or cable for that matter. I didn't get my first CD player until 1989. My own PC? 2001. DVDs? 2002. Now the entire planet is online, blogging their little hearts out and hear I sit, 5 months between posts, wondering how the hell I can call myself a geek.

I need to get my crap together.

Don't tell the Overlords what I just said, they will revoke my geek privileges.

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