Monday, August 31, 2009

Say it isn't so Joe!

God got a chuckle this morning. I am not paranoid, I do not think God is out to get me, but he was in a mood this morning. I clicked on the Seattle Times web page, like I do every morning, and scrolled down through the sports section, like I do every morning, sped through the entertainment section, like I do every morning, and I began to pass over the business section, like I do every morning, when suddenly my life came to a screeching halt.

Disney to buy comic book powerhouse Marvel for $4B

That is the headline in today's Times. Are you F*%&ing kidding me?!?!?!? Disney?!?!? The evil empire!??!?! That wouldn't even be funny on April Fool's Day, let alone any other day of the year. Now, here is the kicker. I sat here for about 45 minutes thinking about this, and as I was deep in thought, no kidding, Bowie's "Changes" comes on the radio. Nice. Thanks God, rub it in why don't ya.

Thus begins the slew of underground protest art of Wolverine slaughtering the 7 dwarfs, or pictures of the Punisher with Mickey's head, Snow White dressed like Emma Frost...Namor shacking up with Ariel... how about that special issue of Iron Man where Tony Stark finds out that Stark Industries has been bought out by Scrooge McDuck.

Well, the end of the world is upon us so go find that significant anyone and shack up while you can, 'cuz it is about to rain frogs my friends.

If Stan Lee didn't die over the weekend this will surely kill him.

Geeks of the world lament this day.

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